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The Apollo Logo

Found at Idemitsu's service stations, the Apollo Logo is used as the symbol of the group's energy business as a whole.

The "Apollo Logo" was established during a time where the company was elected as a primary oil distributor - signifying a new start.

During the logo's conception, the company's founder saw an image of a signboard raised in a shop he passed (which he described as "the profile of a person who let his hair stream"). Taking a liking to the figure as "it had a sense of speed," the logo's design was based on the image after asking permission from its original creator.

By 1952, the "Apollo Logo" was now known as the face of epoch-making, high-performance gasoline: Apollo Gasoline. Renewed in 2006, changes were made to the logo - such as simplifying its profile as well as changing the original circle to an oval, to depict an increased sense of speed.

The Idemitsu Group Logo

The Idemitsu Logo uses Chinese calligraphy of the company names as written by its founder, Sazo Idemitsu. Registered as a trademark in 1946, it was used in service stations across Japan. As the symbol of the Idemitsu group, it is also used in different properties regardless of business field.

Considered rare as a corporate logo, the calligraphic characters represent the company's strong adherence to the tradition as a company founded in 1911 as well as its identity as a Japanese firm.

Race Bike

Race Bike have no side mirrors, headlights and indicators for weight reduction and aerodynamic factors.